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thyrocare Pro Aarogyam Basic profile Pro Aarogyam Basic
12 Paramaters
Rs. 1000/- Rs. 700/-
Pro Aarogyam Basic Profile includes Thyroid Stimulating Harmone, Diabetes Screen & TOXIC ELEMENTS Tests
thyrocare Pro Aarogyam Basic profile
thyrocare Pro Aarogyam Plus profile Pro Aarogyam Plus
15 Paramaters
Rs. 1500/- Rs. 900/-
Pro Aarogyam Plus Profile includes Thyroid Profile (T3 + T4 + TSH), Diabetes Screen, TOXIC ELEMENTS & 25-OH VITAMIN D (TOTAL) Tests
thyrocare Pro Aarogyam Plus profile
thyrocare arogyam 1.1 profile Pro Aarogyam 1.1
34 Paramaters
Rs. 2600/- Rs. 850/-
Includes Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Kidney Profile (Renal Profile), Iron Deficiency, Thyroid Profile & Serum Elecrolytes
thyrocare arogyam 1.1 profile
thyrocare arogyam 1.2 profile Pro Aarogyam 1.2
64 Paramaters
Rs. 3000/- Rs. 1000/-
Pro Aarogyam 1.2 Profile includes Pro Aarogyam 1.1 Profile, Diabetic Screen & Complete Haemogram
thyrocare arogyam 1.2 profile
thyrocare arogyam 1.3 profile Pro Aarogyam 1.3
68 Paramaters
Rs. 4000/- Rs. 1450/-
Pro Aarogyam 1.3 Profile includes all parameters from Pro Aarogyam 1.2 Profile, Vitamin Profile & Testosterone
thyrocare arogyam 1.3 profile
thyrocare arogyam 1.7 profile Pro Aarogyam 1.7
86 Paramaters
Rs. 6000/- Rs. 2400/-
Pro Aarogyam 1.7 Profile includes all parameters from Aarogyam 1.6 Profile & Toxic Elements Profile
thyrocare arogyam 1.7 profile
thyrocare arogyam profile for Preventive Health Care 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
At Preventive-Health-Care.Com, we indulge in devoted and enthusiastic pathology practices & believe in providing world class services to its patients. Being a Service Provider of Thyrocare, we are reliable and dependable, as well. Our motto is to save more and more lives from deadly diseases and protecting those who are on the edge of falling ill. We are a health care service provider that is operating throughout India and provide home health check up services.
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Thyrocare Technologies Limited is the industry leader, trend setter and innovators in Indian Diagnostic industry with a network of more than 20,000 Service Centers across the country. Thyrocare has its Centralised Processing Laboratory (CPL) situated in Navi Mumbai. The samples from all over the country are flown to the CPL, where they are processed and reported online within couple of hours

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